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Family Services and Assistance

One of the most important but overlooked consequences of the criminal process is the impact upon the offender’s family and loved ones.  From the emotional trauma associated with the indictment, arrest, detention and long term incarceration to the realization that a loved one may be separated for quite some time, NPSC has the ability to help ease the transition. We offer individualized counseling, group counseling, financial planning assistance and access to staff members who can fully empathize with the problems facing the alleged offender’s family and loved ones.

We also assist you an inmate and their family learn the prison bureaucratic system, structure and personnel so as to minimize the anxiety and concerns for you and your family and to ease the transition both in and out of prison.


(Please click here  or call 860-388-2761(Voice/TTY/TDD)
for information about Consulting Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

               We offer help with the following

  • Immediate Access to Assistance
  • Professional Referrals
  • Inmate Family Support Networks
  • On-Line Group Support Information
  • Inmate and Family Financial Planning and Referrals
  • Introduction to the Prison System and Bureaucracy.
  • Administrative Grievance Procedures
  • Post Release Issues

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