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Our fees are based upon the time necessary to achieve the objective for which we are retained. As each case is unique, and the facts and circumstances surrounding each individualís alleged crime and background are different, our fees are dependant upon the complexity of the matters involved and the level of assistance needed. However, the following is an estimate of what can be expected to be spent.  Please call to discuss our services.


Plea Agreement Review


Pre-Sentence Report Review


Sentencing Factor Recommendation

$7500 and up

Alternative Sentencing Assistance

$7500 and up

Prison Designation, Evaluation and Recommendation


Pre-Surrender/Incarceration Services


Post-Incarceration Services


Prison Based Sentence Reduction Assistance


Parole Assistance $7500 and up


Fee arrangements can be structured so as to take into consideration your financial resources and current circumstances. We make every effort to assist our clients and friends regardless of financial ability. Free Initial Consultation. We also offer hourly rate assistance on an individualized basis for for an hourly fee ranging between $225.00 and $550.00 per hour.   Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion of what we may be able to do for you.

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