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Managing Director

John B. Webster



Please see what some of our clients are saying.......


"John, I need to thank you. To be caught up in our legal system has been a long and draining journey for  me and my family. I was taught always to surround myself with the right people. I still feel that way even through this journey. I have had the best legal help, and having you on my team has been the best for me and my family. Through your prison preparation program, you have taught me much and have taken a lot of the fear of the unknown away. You have provided much needed information for me and my family. Just knowing you will be there for all of us till the end is a very comforting feeling. You do the work of a saint."


 KL, Florida,

October 2009

"I highly recommend John Webster and the mitigation assistance  he provides through National Prison & Sentencing Consultants. John's background, personal experiences and street smarts combine to develop a very detailed and complete analysis of his clients potential mitigation issues.  He utilizes his comprehensive research abilities and expert writing techniques to best describe and formulate presentations for seeking and obtaining tremendous reductions in his clients' probable sentencing range.  John's tenacity and work ethic is unsurpassed. My money was well spent and I would suggest that all new or prospective clients  place their complete faith and trust in Mr. Webster's ability to do the best job possible for them." 

RY, New York October 2009

"We just got work that my husband was transferred to the  federal facility you recommended and one that is within an hour's drive of our home.  Your dedication and persistence made us all so happy.  We can't thank you enough."



May 2009


"I just finished reading your mitigation report and thought it and it was thorough, comprehensive and persuasive. On behalf of my family and myself, I canít thank you and the NPSC Team enough for the terrific work.  I feel much more comfortable now with my upcoming sentencing hearing. Again, we all thank you."


Nick, New Jersey

May 2009


I highly recommend NPSC to anyone who is heading to prison.  My son had been convicted of a crime and was scheduled for sentencing in 3 months and I felt we needed some help. We were at a loss as to what to do and quite by accident came across the NPSC website.  I emailed them explaining the situation and asked if there was anything that they could do and the next day I received a phone call from John Webster.  One of the first things John said to me was that my son was not a criminal, he was a  person that made a mistake. - you canít imagine how much that comforted my soul.  He kept us in the loop throughout he entire process and answered any and all questions we had in a timely fashion and the work he did on behalf of our son, I am convinced, gave him a downward departure of 9-12 years.  This was the riskiest venture we have ever made, hiring someone over the internet that we never met, but it was worth every penny.  I thank God for sending us to NPSC.  We finally got to meet John at the sentencing and it was like seeing an old friend.


Helen and Bill, FL,

February 2009  


"As a former state public servant, with a high profile trial and extensive national media attention, NPSC's Sentencing Guideline expertise, analysis, writing ability and responsiveness brought tangible results for me in late 2007. Without the mitigation analysis, investigation and assessment of the NPSC team of experts, I would be serving at least several years extra in a Federal Institution. NPSC's services are critical in preparation for federal sentencing and prison, particularly in complex white collar and government corruption cases, and prison designations. My team of lawyers, my family and I found NPSC to be extremely thorough and highly analytical."          

Thomas, AK  October 2008                                             


"The information and expertise provided by Mr. Webster and the National Prison Consultants' team was invaluable to my family and me. I'd recommend engaging them from the very start of the process and using them in conjunction with any legal defense."

 Charles, NH

"I have been thoroughly impressed by both their integrity and candor. NPSC is a class act and they don't sell "false promises."  What they do is cutting edge work and they know what they know, and they know what they don't which is why I have enjoyed the privilege of working with NPSC.  I highly recommend NPSC as I have found them to have sincere in-depth knowledge regarding our penal system.  NPSC an honest to goodness breath of fresh air!!  They care about their clients and have a keen understanding of their clients needs always dealing truthfully, even if they know it's NOT what I want to hear."

Carolyn, MN

"This company is the greatest that I have come across.   I was to have a court date on March 18,2005 and I e-mailed NPSC on March 12, 2005.  They did for me in 3 days than what others had not done in the past 3 years!!!  I would recommend to anyone looking at going to prison or doing time to hire this firm.   They actually work for you and they also treat you with respect!     I have great confidence in NPSC.  I just wish I would have found them sooner.  Ever since they have become involved in my case I feel at ease and that I have someone on my side!  If you are in a legal predicament I honestly recommend hiring this firm.  Their whole goal is keeping people out of prison."

Sandra, NM

"I contacted NPSC shortly after my sentencing.  They were able to get me designated to a facility that was close to my family.  In addition, they spent many hours discussing what life in prison would be like for me and my family.  They were always available and every question was answered.  It is a comfort to know that NPSC will be there for me and my family while I am in prison.  I would strongly urge anyone that is going through this to contact NPSC.  You donít have to do this alone and they will insure that you do not."

Chuck, IL

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